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TeeJet Precision Agriculture

Field Computers


TeeJet Matrix 908


  • Bright high-resolution 8-inch touch screen display

  • Integrated dual frequency GNSS receiver with external antenna

  • Simple intuitive menu structure

  • Rugged magnesium alloy housing

  • Available ISO application rate control

  • Expandable platform that can support automatic steering, automatic section control, video cameras, external lightbar, droplet size monitoring, and more

Automatic Sprayer Controllers


TeeJet Radion 8140


  • Large 4.3" color touch screen is packed with useful information,  easy to view in both day and night conditions

  • Tank level monitoring and automatic filling function

  • Built-in Droplet Size Monitor

  • Uses TeeJet 800 Series cables for quick hookup

  • Available with 5 or 9 boom section switches plus master shutoff

  • TeeJet spray nozzle database is programmed into the Radion 8140, making tip selection quick and easy

  • Communication port for connection to external variable rate controls

  • Designed for direct connection to TeeJet Matrix consoles for auto-section control without extra devices


TeeJet 845


  •  Updated LCD display is backlit and easier to read than previous models

  • A single cable connection allows for easy installation and removal

  • Simple step-by-step programming is logical and easy to maneuver

  • Durable weather-resistant aluminum enclosure is durable and offers easy mounting options

  • Built-in planning tool makes spray tip selection easy


TeeJet 744A


  • Simple manual control of electric boom section valves

  • Electric pressure regulating valve

  • Controls available in a range of kits configured for connection to solenoid or ball valves

  • Convenient master switch allows all boom sections to be switched simultaneously

  • 744A kits include 3 section switches and a choice of 100 psi or 300 psi gauges

  • Kits include convenient harnesses to make connections fast & easy

  • Optional extension cables allow custom fit to many machine types

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