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Our heavy duty Poultry Quick Wash has many features that you will enjoy beginning with our Udor diaphragm pump rated at 46 gallons per minute at 700 PSI. We also offer on our poultry washer, four side wall nozzles to wash curtains and side walls. Two overhead nozzles on the poultry washer clean ceilings, then invert the nozzles to spray the floor with disinfectant. We use all crimped hydraulic fittings in all of our pressure hoses. The 500 gallon elliptical tank keeps a low profile to clear waterers and feed lines.  Trailer comes with 11L 15 tires mounted on heavy duty hubs. The Poultry Quick Wash includes a spring loaded reel on the rear and hand gun allows the operator to wash fans and other equipment inside or outside of the house. Our economy poultry washer model offers the same great features as the large washer but with a 36 gallon per minute, three cylinder diaphragm pump. 

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  • Steel tubular and channel pull-type frame on 11L implement tires

  • 500 gallon elliptical poly tank

  • 700 PSI PTO-driven diaphragm pump

  • Return agitation

  • Cut offs on 4 completely adjustable nozzles for side wall cleaning

  • Double nozzles for overhead cleaning or applying disinfectant to floor

  • Retractable reel with 60’ of hose

  • Turbine handgun

  • PTO shaft

  • Pin type hitch

  • Jack stand

  • Adjustable pressure regulator

  • Glycerine filled gauge

  • Two pump sizes

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