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Our hooded sprayer is used in plasti-culture to spray between the plastic, killing weeds in the middle. The 110 gallon 3 point is the standard size. Hoods consist of heavy duty string skirt, flat polyethylene top with three nozzles to give double coverage underneath the hood. The Plasti-Culture features gauge wheels to hold the hood at a certain height to make sure that the operator sprays all of the area in between the plastic.

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  • 60” Row spacing- standard

  • Wide range of tank sizes

  • Wide range of boom lengths

  • 3-point hitch or pull type

  • Hypro XL roller pump 0-100 PSI

  • Udor diaphragm pump 0-300 PSI

  • Manual regulator

  • Manual booms (hyd. fold) available

  • Manual on/off valve

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