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  • Storm 800
  • Storm 1000
  • Storm 1500
  • Storm 2000

*Flexigun option available for all models

All Storm Models


  • Fully galvanized frame
  • Drawbar adjustable in height and length
  • Compact polyethylene tank with innovative front exhaust with total emptying and excellent agitation
  • Mechanical level indicator of the tank clearly visible by the operator
  • Circuit flushing system incorporated into the frame (1500 L version only) with dedicated valve selection
  • Pre-set for application of Tifone® patented Electrostatic Charge (optional)
  • Telecontrol exact constant pressure regulator with incorporated autofilter; continuously flushed clear and therefore never needs to be cleaned
  • Wide Top deflectors
  • Continuous automatic incremental agitation
  • Hand washing tank
  • 32” (80 cm) and 36” (90 cm) applicable fans with variable powers from 41,000 to 88,000 mc/h
  • Adjustable propeller (5 positions depending on the foliar mass to be treated, adaptable to seasonal needs)
  • Double nozzles with leak protection AX-2, applied out of power to contain drift and maximize coverage, distance, and efficiency


Storm Line

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