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  • Bravo 400
  • Bravo 500
  • Bravo 600

*Flexigun option available for all models



  • Fully galvanized frame
  • Low center of gravity; stability also in slope condition
  • Tank content meter with mechanical level
  • Optimal agitation of mixture
  • Quick circuit flushing system with selector valve
  • Telecontrol exact constant pressure regulator
  • Wide Top deflectors
  • Autofilter; continuously flushed clear, never clogged
  • Instantly adjustable propeller (5 positions depending on the foliar mass to be treated, adaptable to seasonal needs)
  • Anti-drift: treat at the most suitable intensity at the time of leaf development
  • Double nozzles with leak protection AX-2, applied out of power to contain drift and maximize coverage, distance, and efficiency
  • Standard hand washing tank



All Bravo Models

Bravo Flexigun


Bravo Line

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