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  • Twin Flat Spray Broadcast Nozzle



    • Specifically designed for use on sprayers equipped with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) spray tip control.

    • Can also be used for non-PWM applications, where maximum drift control is desired.

    • Non-air induction Twin spray tip, that produces highly drift-resistant droplets (XC and UC).

    • Patent-pending recirculating design and concave exit orifice geometry provide optimal spray performance.

    • Twin spray pattern allows for improved coverage and canopy penetration.

    • Compact design fits into tight boom spaces and is less likely to be damaged during field use.

    • Available in ten VisiFlo® Polymer (VP) capacities.

    • Optimal for burndown, pre-emerge, and post-emerge systemic applications.

    AccuPulse® TwinJet®

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