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CK Series ~ Solid Shaft



  • CKC 30/24 S 
  • CKC 50/20 S



  • 24mm Keyed Solid Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Brass Manifold with External and Internal Bracing
  • Heavy Duty Bronze or Aluminum Connecting Rods
  • Large Diameter Brass or Stainless Steel Valve Caps with Increased Thread Depth
  • Reinforcing Ring on Inlet and Discharge Ports
  • Stainless Steel Piston Guides and Check Valves
  • Heat Treated Crank Shaft
  • Industrial Quality Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Deeper Back Cover for Increased Oil Capacity

CKC 5020S

Udor CKC Series

  • Suction:

    3/4" BSP-F (Less than 10 GPM)
    Discharge: 3/8" BSP-F (Less than 10 GPM)
    Maximum Flow: 7.9 GPM (30 LPM)
    Maximum Pressure: 3480 PSI (240 BAR)
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