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AR1064 - 550 rpm, High Pressure, Semi-Hydraulic, Four Diaphragm High Pressure Pump


AR1064 Features:

  • With its splined, through 1-3/8" shaft, this pump connects directly to your power source 
  • Delivers flow rate of up to 28.7 GPM
  • Maximum pressure of 725 PSI, ensuring efficient water distribution for agricultural plots, livestock tanks, and irrigation systems
  • Built with anodized aluminum for the pump head, this feature provides longevity and protection against harsh environmental conditions



Pump Breakdown

AR North America AR1064-C/C

  • Suction: 1 - 1/2"
    Discharge: 3/4" NPT
    Maximum Flow: 28.7 GPM (108.5 LPM)
    Maximum Pressure: 725 PSI (50 BAR)
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